Wendy on the back deck of her home in Mill Valley, CA. Wendy Elkin is a documentary still photographer who has produced a substantial body of work concerned with social, political and cultural issues. She represents strong innovational portraits in Black and White silver gelatin, sepia, color and halide prints. Each portrait is a narrative illustration. Her portraits have been appearing in exhibits in the Bay Area and across the country for several years. Starting with her work photographing politicians, civil rights leaders, protesters, and continuing with American National heroes, she is an astute observer of American culture. Collectors include Senator Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, and Tipper Gore to name a few. She has had her work accepted into permanent exhibitions at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, the Rosa Parks History Museum in Montgomery, Alabama and the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington, D.C.

Her recent work includes a documentation of the new American hero, interviews and photographs of extraordinary Americans who are making a difference through their humanitarian efforts. Heroes include California State Senator Jackie Speier, Janice Mirikitani, and Elizabeth Terwilliger among others.

Her ongoing work includes documenting the activities of progressive organizations committed to advocacy for non-violence, human rights, economic, social, and environmental justice.

Works in progress focus on the new wave of the American spirit highlighting interviews and photographs with local community heroes who have made meaningful contributions to their community. This compilation of stories will result in a book titled "Familiar Faces . . . Who's the Hero in Your Back Yard?"

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Partial List

* Collectors * Exhibits * Photography Shoots

Smithsonian American History Museum - Washington, D.C. (Two 20x24 B&W photographs. Permanent exhibition)

*Rosa Parks Museum - Montgomery, Alabama Two 20x24 B&W photographs. Permanent exhibition. "Rosa" & "Rosa's Peaceful Struggle"

*National Civil Rights Museum - Memphis, Tennessee Two 20x24 B&W photographs. Permanent exhibition. "Rosa" & "Rosa's Peaceful Struggle"

Honorable Mayor Brown of San Francisco, California Inauguration Photographer- collector San Francisco, CA.

National Democratic Party President Bill Clinton - 2nd Term Inauguration Photos Washington D.C.

*Marin Society of Artists - National Juried Exhibition Ross, CA.

Main photographer - President Clinton – Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, CA. (political fundraiser)

National Organization For Women San Francisco, CA.

Hillary Clinton & Tipper Gore – collector of portraits Washington D.C.

Harlem GlobeTrotters, Oakland, CA.

San Francisco Giants - San Francisco, Ca. Photographer - Community Development Department

Robin Williams - Main photographer Magic Theatre Performance San Francisco, CA.

Danny Glover - collector San Francisco, CA.

Rev. Jesse Jackson - collector San Francisco, CA.

*San Francisco City Hall Exhibit National Black History Month San Francisco, CA.

Premier of "The Rock"- Main photographer Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA.

Macy*s Teen HIV Awareness Passport Fashion Show Ft. Mason, San Francisco, CA.

"Young Women’s Health Conference" – Main photographer Calif. State Senator Jackie Speier Bill Graham Aud. San Francisco, CA.

United Farm Workers Rally - Main Photographer Watsonville, California Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dolores Huerta

Rosa Parks – collector and main photographer Dedication –to rename a San Francisco Public School "Rosa Parks Elementary School San Francisco, CA.

*S.F. Women's Artist Gallery Merit Award B&W"Patricia"

*Marin Arts Council - "Open Studios" exhibit

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